Saar Avivi

saar_svI began practicing different external martial arts from the age of nine. Among others, Krav Maga (1983 – 1992), teachers were Eli Ben Ami and Yaron Lichtenstein. I did military service in the Israeli ”Defence force” for 3 years before I began practicing Tai Chi Chuan. My first teacher was Haihe Liu, a chinese who had moved to Israel. His death 2003 have left a big void in my heart. My teacher today is Paul Silfverstråle from Linköping, Sweden. I also practice with Pauls teacher, Mr Dan Docherty when the oppurtunity is given.

I have taught Tai Chi Chuan since 1998 and I have instructor level 7 – Master, Ren (fortitude). Since 2008 I have been on the board for the Swedish Taiji and Qigong association (STQA). I am also a represantative for the Swedish national team.